The Deeper Dimension of Change

Deeper Dimension

We have all learnt that change is only as lasting as the motivation to change is deep. In my experience as a coach I have felt the same when you get down to coaching goals, strategies and action plans: is the coachee really going to change and for how long is the change going to […]

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To tell, or not to tell … that is the question!

Anand Kasturi blog

It started with a seemingly innocuous question from a coach – “In your 360º feedback report, do you provide stakeholder category-wise scores, that is, scores based on peer feedback, on subordinate feedback, and the like?” I straightaway confirmed that we do just that. I provide an online 360º feedback tool at, and so do […]

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“How can I help you ?”

sridhar blog

My client was upset. He felt that the world was being unfair to him. He wasn’t getting his due share of recognition and rewards.He wanted to quit but he could not afford to. “How do you think I can be of help”, I asked looking at his agony. “Thanks for asking. Don’t think you can […]

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Growing leaders from within – challenges and strategies

Ganesh Blog Image

From the 38th floor of the St. Regis Hotel, the view of Mumbai was romantic. However, the three panelists, Madhavi Lal, Dr. Santrupt Misra, and Judajith Das, and the distinguished audience that included several talent management and learning professionals, and CFI coaches, present on the 38th floor, were candid enough to concede that the task of growing leaders […]

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Respecting Alternate Perspective Powers Effective Leadership

Cartoon Image_Uday Blog

My personal effectiveness as a leader grew rapidly as I started practicing the subject line. I would like to narrate an example from my personal leadership journey. This happened quite some years ago. I was the leader of a large global team. One day, as I stepped out of my office in Chennai, a young […]

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Growing leaders from within


From the 38th floor of the St. Regis Hotel the view of Mumbai was romantic. However, the three panelists including Madhavi Lal, Dr. Santrupt Misra and Judajith Das and the distinguished audience including several senior Talent management and Learning professionals and CFI (Coaching Foundation India) Coaches on the 38th Floor were candid to concede that […]

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Applied Self-awarneness


Our first brush with enhanced self-awareness through feedback was perhaps in school when our teachers wrote something about us in our progress reports or our friends wrote something about us in those lovely autograph books! Many admit that whet they dust those little documents and read them, they are amazed that many of those comments […]

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“I am OK, they are not OK”


I had gone to meet Dr Gopal Valecha of IIM Bangalore. I wanted him to conduct a workshop for our people to improve our ability to listen. I was the head of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in Bangalore. I felt that our people did not listen to clients. That led to poor quality briefings within […]

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