Bridging the Service Quality Gaps

In my post of March 25th, I spoke about the gap between functional excellence and service quality. Using the Service Gaps model articulated by Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry in their book “Delivering Quality Service” (adapted for this HR context) I would like to present one possible framework by which HR professionals can bridge this gap. […]

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Functional Excellence and Service Quality

One of the biggest contradictions that I encounter in the HR profession and function is the perennial gap between what is perceived as functional excellence from within and what is perceived as service excellence from without. When I meet HR professionals they are all excited about the great innovations that they are bringing about in […]

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Is the young HR Professional ready to serve?

How and when does a reputed Hotel decide if its young front office employees or cashiers or order takers can actually begin to handle guests? When are wealth management professionals permitted to start engaging with clients to give them information or guide them with their wealth management decisions? For that matter, when does a pilot […]

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