Is it the end of the BC (bell curve) era?


I am sure all of you are reading a spate of reports about organisation after organisation announcing their decision to do away with the much maligned bell curve.  It now appears that any organisation of repute must be seen as disassociating itself from what is now looking like a horrible mistake. Disowning the bell curve […]

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Should CHROs be wise or young?

Every time I catch up with my friends who are CHROs in reasonably large organisations, one thing strikes me instantly. They are all so busy. Their calendars are full and their mail boxes are overflowing. They have many problems to solve, decisions to make and urgent and important things to get done – a new […]

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Best employers or workplaces

More questions than answers Every year, a clutch of consulting firms routinely release their “much awaited” list of best employers or workplaces in India. These lists are based on the firm’s hypothesis or definition of “best employer” and a research methodology they adopt to validate that hypothesis or definition. As I see these lists I […]

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