Decoding the coaching chemistry meeting


Offering an initial chemistry meeting for the coachee to meet his or her coach before taking a final decision is a well-established practice in the field of coaching. In fact, many coach providers and client organisations offer the coachee the option of meeting two coaches and picking the one he or she is more comfortable […]

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Dear Boss


I was browsing at the airport book shop in Kolkata, and this book caught my attention. “Dear Boss”. I scanned the pages and found that the book was a series of letters that employees had written to their boss. Each letter was a ‘everything I always wanted to tell you, but was afraid that you […]

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Growth = Promotion?


Some years ago, I was introduced to a training exercise where some provocative statements were displayed on the screen, and participants were asked to move to one side of the room or the other depending on whether they agreed with the statement or not. One statement which usually resulted in separation into two distinct groups […]

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Readiness of the Coachee and Supervisor


Very often coaches find that the initiation of the Coaching assignment is not a consultative process with coachees or their supervisors. In many cases coachees and supervisors are consulted but do not have a sufficient debrief about the engagement or process. This in turn, results in misconceptions and wrong expectations from the assignment, setting it […]

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The Right Answer can be the Wrong Answer!


The Right Answer can be the Wrong Answer! The Right Answer can be the Wrong Answer! Recently, I asked a coachee the question “What excites you?”. This was in the early stages of the coaching engagement, and I wanted to focus on the coachee’s context – as a person, as a professional, as a senior […]

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Confessions of an Executive Coach


Confessions of an Executive Coach The man in front of me was in tears.  I have seldom seen a man crying, so I was caught by surprise and did not know what to do. He was a Senior VP HR of a large organisation. He was my client and I, his coach. He was a […]

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How to find an Executive Coach


You know you are one of your company’s high potential managers. A future leader, perhaps. Your MD feels that you will benefit a lot by having an executive coach. “Smoothen a few rough edges” he says. It is now your call. You will choose your coach from a panel your CHRO will present to you. […]

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It starts with knowing oneself as we are!


I complete around this time, about ten years of Coaching practice and my thoughts go back to that large auditorium of the Hotel we were in at Turnbridge Wells, the beautiful town in the Kent county, UK(yes, the same place where Kapil Dev played that heroic innings in the 1983 World Cupagainst Zimbabwe to win […]

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Enabling a New Leader in the Coachee from the First Session


“So what is your focus for the next week? What brings you to the office? “I asked my new Coachee as we were approaching the end of our first session of coaching. He looked puzzled and was not prepared for this question. He was a high performer, very good at getting things done and was […]

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