Partnering with the Supervisor to Bring about Phased Improvement in Executive Presence


Partnering with the Supervisor to Bring about  Phased Improvement in Executive Presence

“Are you aware of what your supervisor shares with his superiors as a part of his upward management?” I asked my Coachee this question as we were reviewing the goals and actions plans he had put together.

He said he only provides him with information and he was not sure how his supervisor used it.

Have you ever seen the documents he shares with the Leadership? Have you ever been present when he discusses this with his superiors?

My coachee said he had neither seen these reports nor had he been present when the feedback was being provided.

My coachee has begun a journey of coming to work with a new sense of purpose and working with larger goals in mind. He would however, need to build a more strategic perspective of his business and the ability to see his business from the Senior Management perspective.

His own assessment was that he needed to improve his ability to put his perspective across and effectively engage with the Leadership team. His 360 feedback has only confirmed this assessment including the need to build a strategic view of the business, an improved presence at meetings and the ability to position his perspective more effectively.

My Coachee was seen as a fast tracker and was expected to grow into his Supervisor’s role in the next 18 months. The coaching focus was to enable him to evolve into a Leader who would take the business to new levels.

He identified his Key Goals as Enhanced Executive Presence and to devising an action plan to demonstrate it in day to day operations, New Initiatives focused on Operational Excellence and initiatives to create new market offerings. With a little guidance from me, he organized his actions into short, medium and long term focus.

While he was confident about the action plans involving demonstrating executive presence with his immediate team and middle management in other functions, we felt he would need the assistance of his supervisor in improving his presence with the seniors and in specific global leadership.

His exposure to senior management had to be carefully planned, ensuring he was well prepared and was in a position to lead the discussions.

I held a joint meeting with his supervisor and together we came up with a three phase action plan to groom him to lead meetings with the Senior Global Management.

Phase 1- In the short term he would assist his Supervisor in preparing his reports for his engagement with the senior global management. Phase 2 was he would participate in the meetings his supervisor had with the senior management and the specific parts of the report would be shared by him. In Phase 3,   he would lead the meetings for key focus areas or the entire part for the business managed by him. We set a time line of 6 to 8 months to reach Phase 3.

My Coachee has so far been successful in Phase 1 and Phase 2 and is getting ready for Phase 3. His Supervisor has done an excellent job of mentoring him through this period. The experience of preparing and participating in Senior Management discussions is clearly reflecting in the way he manages his day to day operations and the new initiatives. He has enhanced his executive presence significantly across different layers of the management and he is now looking at the business with improved strategic perspective.

This has been a unique journey with the Supervisor taking equal ownership of the change as the Coachee.



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