Applied Self-awarneness


Our first brush with enhanced self-awareness through feedback was perhaps in school when our teachers wrote something about us in our progress reports or our friends wrote something about us in those lovely autograph books! Many admit that whet they dust those little documents and read them, they are amazed that many of those comments […]

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“I am OK, they are not OK”


I had gone to meet Dr Gopal Valecha of IIM Bangalore. I wanted him to conduct a workshop for our people to improve our ability to listen. I was the head of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in Bangalore. I felt that our people did not listen to clients. That led to poor quality briefings within […]

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Belief Drives Leadership Behavior


A young woman got married. She was instantly pushed out of her comfort zone and had to build new bonds. To her credit, her culinary skills were above average. She was a food lover too. She loved to explore and innovate and was good at these things. Through her fine upbringing , she believed in […]

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