the trouble with passionate people


Organisations love employees who are passionate about what they do or work with passion. In fact, passion often figures as a preferred value. The reasons for this are understandable. Passionate people love what they do and put their heart into it. Because they love what they do, they go out of their way and put […]

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Coach as a Sounding Board for the Sponsor and Senior Management


Coaching engagements involve periodic meetings with the sponsor, providing updates, and taking the sponsor’s perspectives on the progress of the Coachee. At various stages there are three way meetings, along with the Coachee, for reviews and approvals. In one of my coaching engagements I was invited to meet the senior management along with the sponsor. […]

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Change Management of the Coaching Journey: Calibrating Communication to Key Stakeholders


Coaching is a project that involves major change, and the change needs to align with the objectives and needs of different stakeholders and stakeholder groups. Sometimes these objectives and interests could be at conflict. Therefore, as the number of stakeholders involved increases, the risk of successfully delivering the coaching engagement and satisfying stakeholder expectations increases. […]

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From womb to tomb


A couple of months ago, I completed 25 years in my company. Since then, my sentiment has been swinging from sheer pride to sheepishness depending on who I am talking to. As my boss handed me the gleaming silver plaque, which is customarily given to commemorate the day, my mind rapidly rewound the twenty-five years. […]

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Vales values on the wall the hidden stories do tell them all

Vales values

You are waiting in the plush lobby of a large and reputed organisation to meet someone. As you wait you cannot but notice the Organisation’s values statement, hanging on the wall. Mounted on an elegant frame the values sound very familiar. Your familiarity soon turns into cynicism. How predictable and trite this is, you wonder. […]

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Is Executive Coaching as a Career right for you?

Article 1

Given my involvement with the field of executive coaching, I receive several calls from professionals who are seriously exploring coaching as a career and therefore looking at a coach certification program. Quite often I end up dissuading them from their decision to quit their corporate jobs to become a coach. It may sound strange that […]

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SHIFT happens!


I have often wondered, in my pursuit of Coaching as to what I am really engaged with. Is it simply, goal directed action based on the initial threesome meeting and the consequent journey through myriad ways to getting there. Is it delivering the Sponsors brief, assuming of course that the Coachee has full acceptance and importantly ownership […]

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