Given the unprecedented demands being placed on Indian business Leaders to grow their businesses and build sustainable organisations, leader development is becoming a mission-critical priority.

Given this crying need, the field of leader development has made rapid advances in its understanding of how leaders develop and its approaches to make such development happen.

The role of one’s personality, strengths, preferences, beliefs and the very personal nature of effort involved in becoming an effective leader, is now being increasingly recognized.

CFI defines Coaching as a very personal, humanistic, result oriented and one-to-one developmental relationship, structured through a formal engagement, between a motivated executive seeking help and a skilled and empathetic coach with formal coach education and organisational experience.

Founded in 2006, Coaching Foundation India (CFI) has played a pioneering role in popularizing Executive Coaching and its use for leader development in India in a culturally appropriate and contextually relevant manner.

With a community of over 200+ Certified CEO Coaches, the deep expertise gained from having handled over 400 paid coaching engagements for over 50 reputed client organisations, the experience of having contributed to nurturing a coaching culture by training over 215 Leaders as Coaches and two published books to the credit of its Founders, CFI is today the most preferred destination for potential Coaches and clients, and a trusted source of thought about Coaching.

CFI is headquartered in Chennai, India.

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