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Empowering leaders to realize their potential to fly higher

About CFI

Given the unprecedented demands being placed on Indian business leaders to grow their businesses and build sustainable organisations, leader development is becoming a mission-critical priority.

Given this crying need, the field of leader development has made rapid advances in its understanding of how leaders develop and its approaches to make such development happen.

The role of one’s personality, strengths, preferences, beliefs and the very personal nature of effort involved in becoming an effective leader, is now being increasingly recognized. It is in this context that coaching as a developmental experience has gained huge credibility.

Founded in 2006, CFI has played a pioneering role in popularizing Executive Coaching and its use for leader development in India in a culturally appropriate and contextually relevant manner.

CFI defines Coaching as a very personal, humanistic, result-oriented and one-to-one developmental relationship, structured through a formal engagement, between a motivated executive seeking help and a skilled and empathetic coach with formal coach education and organisational experience.

With a community of over 250+ certified coaching engagements and the deep expertise gained from having handled over 800 paid engagements for over 50 reputed client organisations, CFI is today the most preferred destination for potential Coaches and clients, and a trusted source of thought about Coaching. Headquartered in Chennai, India, CFI also has contributed to nurturing a coaching culture by training over 213 leaders as coaches, with two published books to the credit of its founders.

Our Guiding Spirit

A truly loved and respected business leader, natural mentor and coach, Pradipta has helped shape the vision and direction of CFI since its inception.

As a coach and business leader, he added great value to the lives of the people he touched. As the co-founder and Chairman, Pradipta will be missed but his guiding spirit will keep energising us to go ahead and realise our potential as an institution.

Vision and Mission


To help leaders discover and actualise inner potential


We build and leverage world-class coaching capabilities to offer our clients leader development solutions that help leaders and therefore their businesses grow.

As pioneers, we promote the highest standards of professional excellence through research, education and advocacy within the coaching profession and the larger world of leader development

Our Credo

It starts from within



Touch lives
A niche
Coaching and its
allied disciplines
Helping from
the Indian lens
Bring depth
to our work
Industry leading

The CFI Way

CFI has built a unique and endearing culture whether it is building coaching capabilities or engaging in coaching relationships. CFI’s community of coaches are the torchbearers of this culture and live by it in all the work they do. We call it the CFI Way!




Standards of




These five aspects bring the CFI way to life, setting CFI and its community of coaches apart!


The CFI Coaching Philosophy

CFI promotes a holistic approach to coaching that is coachee centric in spirit, humanistic by orientation, empowering by style and eclectic by design. It prepares its Coaches to be highly skillful in their coaching conversations and deeply mindful about the psychological dimensions of Coaching and to stay committed to the ethical framework. CFI’s coaching efforts focus on bringing about change to manage problems and develop unused opportunities.


The CFI Competency Framework

The CFI competency framework consists of five inter-connected competency themes and twenty-two competencies. All our coach education programmes are designed around these competencies.

CFI’s Standards for Professional Excellence

All CFI Programme Participants are governed by CFI’s standards of professional excellence.

Participants are encouraged to read the same which is available on our website and familiarize themselves with its contents.

CFI code of principles offers, for a clear understanding of the expectancies and obligations we anticipate from participants taking part in our coaching programmes with regard to individual and scholastic conduct. All participants are required to adhere to these guidelines throughout their involvement.

CFI reserves the right to take appropriate action, should there be any violation of it’s standards of professional excellence and ethics. Such action can include discontinuation from the programme.

The CFI Community

What sets CFI apart is its enviable community of Coaches. CFI’s empaneled Coaches come from very rich and diverse backgrounds. However they have many things in common – an average corporate experience of at least 25 years which means that they have all been there and done that, impeccable academic qualifications from some of the best institutions in the world, deep expertise in their functions and domains, rigorous training in CFI’s models and methodologies which helps them bring a high degree of uniformity in their approach. Above all, they have a deep interest and commitment to engage in a meaningful relationship through which their clients achieve their potential.

CFI’s Continuous Professional Development Programme (CPDP) endeavours to consistently provide a platform for learning as well as for professional & practice development that is championed by members for members, under the guidance of a passionate team of senior CFI Coaches.


The CFI HUB is a unique platform that brings the entire community together to seek & share ideas, disseminate information & engage in real-time discussions on subjects of professional relevance. The Hub is the core platform on which the Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPDP) benefits are delivered.

As an organisation, we continue to reinvent our processes to stay ahead of the ever-changing coaching and leadership needs of organisations. Reforging our brand identity is just one of the steps we have taken towards making CFI ready for tomorrow and beyond.

Inspired by the idea of kindling your inner potential, the new CFI logo integrates a hand within the flame, creating a visually memorable mnemonic. This unit is placed above the ‘I’ to give it the appearance of a torch. The colours have been chosen to highlight the most important aspects of the brand. While red connotes energy, enthusiasm, passion and power, grey showcases wisdom, intelligence, stability and dignity.