A compilation of insights from top executive coaches in India, “Are You Ready for the Corner Office” features the unique, personal development journeys of 25 senior executives in the country. Open and reflective, the pages of this book are filled with intimate, thought-provoking discussions from the people who are redefining trends and changing the world of business every day.

A metaphoric representation of significant milestones and goals, the ‘corner office’ symbolises anything, be it professional or personal, which the leaders considered important to achieve during their journey towards progressive development. An explorative collection of stories, “Are You Ready for the Corner Office” provides distinctive role-models for professionals to identify the biggest barriers and accelerators to career advancement.

Leaders are the by-product of influences – both internal and external – and this book makes a reflective exploration of the common perspectives that ground-breaking business thinkers share and elucidates how executive coaches help their coachees to make effective transitions and develop effective global competencies.

Authored by Pradipta K. Mohapatra and Ganesh Chella, this book is an offshoot of their long-standing experience in the field of executive coaching. As forerunners in the executive coaching arena, the duo has been privy to over 500 leadership development stories and has keenly examined the common impediments faced by leaders of today.

The book records their shared insights on the invigorating relationship that leaders share with their coaches and also explores the unique developmental model of engagement, assessment, challenges and support that coaches offer.

Hand-picked stories that turn the spotlight on the common thread of obstacles that leaders face in their growth trajectory, “Are You Ready for the Corner Office” turns the focus on critical priorities and elaborates how coaches aid in building the infrastructure of successful leadership vision, attitude and behaviour.

To gain insights on some impactful leadership truths and to know how executive coaching helps leaders execute strategies for intentional growth, buy your copy of “Are You Ready for the Corner Office” today!

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