The real problem with delegation: micromanagement or abdication


The ability and inability to delegate at a level that is appropriate to one’s position in the organisation very often figures as an acute development need for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers across organizations. Trainers and Coaches spend an enormous amount of time and effort in helping these executives develop the right skills and mind-sets so […]

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Can Leaders be made to measure?


Here is a typical (but fictitious) discussion in a talent council meeting in a typical company: You see, Kavish is great at getting things done. His execution is flawless. He is also good with people. It is just that he is just not strategic. He is too immersed in the day to day. Let’s talk […]

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Making in India – the HR agenda


Our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has issued a clarion call to Make in India – to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. Several strategies and actions have been rolled out to make this initiative a success. My HR consulting work with manufacturing organisations has often led me to ponder about […]

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The future of class room training


The training room is ready, lunch has been organised, the trainer has arrived but the participants are missing, at least many of them. Ask any L&D professional and she will tell you that her biggest challenge is to get participants into the class room. Ask trainers and they will tell you that they have come […]

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Cause is the new leader


For several decades, management thinkers and others in the field of human psychology and leader development have led all of us to believe that it is an individual’s magnetic qualities that inspire followers to follow. They have led us to believe that it is an individual in the position of leadership who rallies his or […]

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the trouble with passionate people


Organisations love employees who are passionate about what they do or work with passion. In fact, passion often figures as a preferred value. The reasons for this are understandable. Passionate people love what they do and put their heart into it. Because they love what they do, they go out of their way and put […]

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Vales values on the wall the hidden stories do tell them all

Vales values

You are waiting in the plush lobby of a large and reputed organisation to meet someone. As you wait you cannot but notice the Organisation’s values statement, hanging on the wall. Mounted on an elegant frame the values sound very familiar. Your familiarity soon turns into cynicism. How predictable and trite this is, you wonder. […]

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Is Executive Coaching as a Career right for you?

Article 1

Given my involvement with the field of executive coaching, I receive several calls from professionals who are seriously exploring coaching as a career and therefore looking at a coach certification program. Quite often I end up dissuading them from their decision to quit their corporate jobs to become a coach. It may sound strange that […]

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Growing leaders from within – challenges and strategies

Ganesh Blog Image

From the 38th floor of the St. Regis Hotel, the view of Mumbai was romantic. However, the three panelists, Madhavi Lal, Dr. Santrupt Misra, and Judajith Das, and the distinguished audience that included several talent management and learning professionals, and CFI coaches, present on the 38th floor, were candid enough to concede that the task of growing leaders […]

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