What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a personalized and one-on- one relationship between an experienced business coach and a business owner with the objective of helping the business owner achieve desired business outcomes through enhanced functional, business and leadership competencies. In cases involving more than one business owner or leader, a combination of one-on- one and group coaching is sometimes found appropriate.

How CFI’s Business Coaching can help Business owners and Entrepreneurs?

Business Coaching can happen in a context of accelerating growth, effecting a turn around or in the quest for higher levels of excellence. Some of the typical agendas that business coaches help address are

  • Building key leadership competencies like strategic thinking, networking, communication,stakeholder management, championing innovation and so on.
  • Addressing issues of business growth and profitability.
  • Enhancing specific organisational capabilities..
  • Building a performance oriented organisation.
  • Creating and reviewing business and strategic plans.
  • Broadening perspectives and external connect.
  • Attracting and retaining talent.
  • Succession planning.
  • Grooming talent.*


CFI’s Process for Business Coaching

CFI gets to understand the needs of the business owners and on that basis identifies the business coach who most closely fits the requirements. In matching the right business coach, CFI will keep in mind cultural compatibility, industry compatibility and any special expectations.

  • The CFI business coach will commence his engagement with a thorough diagnosis of the business and organisation using a contextually appropriate framework. The purpose of the diagnosis is to gain a holistic understanding of what is working well and what needs attention.
  • Once the assessment is complete the business coach will work the business owner to prepare an agenda for the business. The agenda will include what the business would like to achieve as well as the roadmap to get there.
  • Against the backdrop of the agenda, the coach will help the business owner gain a realistic assessment of his leadership abilities to achieve the agenda
  • The stage is now set for business coaching to commence. Business coaching sessions will alternate between focusing on business issues on one side and leadership issues on the other side. These are typically handled as separate sessions to keep the focus and style distinct. Business coaching would normally span a twelve month period and would involve face-to- face interactions as well as telephonic and email interactions.