Vales values on the wall the hidden stories do tell them all

Vales values

You are waiting in the plush lobby of a large and reputed organisation to meet someone. As you wait you cannot but notice the Organisation’s values statement, hanging on the wall. Mounted on an elegant frame the values sound very familiar. Your familiarity soon turns into cynicism. How predictable and trite this is, you wonder. […]

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Is Executive Coaching as a Career right for you?

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Given my involvement with the field of executive coaching, I receive several calls from professionals who are seriously exploring coaching as a career and therefore looking at a coach certification program. Quite often I end up dissuading them from their decision to quit their corporate jobs to become a coach. It may sound strange that […]

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Growing leaders from within


From the 38th floor of the St. Regis Hotel the view of Mumbai was romantic. However, the three panelists including Madhavi Lal, Dr. Santrupt Misra and Judajith Das and the distinguished audience including several senior Talent management and Learning professionals and CFI (Coaching Foundation India) Coaches on the 38th Floor were candid to concede that […]

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Applied Self-awarneness


Our first brush with enhanced self-awareness through feedback was perhaps in school when our teachers wrote something about us in our progress reports or our friends wrote something about us in those lovely autograph books! Many admit that whet they dust those little documents and read them, they are amazed that many of those comments […]

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Capital as Punishment


I must start by clarifying that this article has nothing to do with the subject ofcapital punishment. Thanks to many years of work with entrepreneurs and PE / VC firms, I have come to witness the emotional pain that a fair number of entrepreneurs go through after they have raised capital and have given up […]

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Will acqui-hiring work?


In recent weeks I have been hearing the term acqui-hiring (the practice of buying out a company essentially for its skilled manpower) being used by many of my clients and friends in the entrepreneurial eco-system. There seems to be a lot of excitement around the discovery of this cool new way of acquiring talent as […]

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Career choices: downshifting or derailment


Downshifting as the very term indicates means moving from a higher gear to a lower gear in a vehicle. Derailment is the dangerous act of a rail going off its track. It requires little intelligence to recognize that downshifting is better than derailment when it comes to vehicles. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of wisdom […]

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Is it time to blow up HR?


For decades the Harvard Business Review (HBR) has shaped global thinking about management. Let’s not forget that several legends in the field have shared their landmark ideas through the HBR. So, when HBR says something, all of us as professionals are naturally inclined to take it seriously. So, when I saw the July-August 2015 cover […]

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Is it the end of the BC (bell curve) era?


I am sure all of you are reading a spate of reports about organisation after organisation announcing their decision to do away with the much maligned bell curve.  It now appears that any organisation of repute must be seen as disassociating itself from what is now looking like a horrible mistake. Disowning the bell curve […]

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