Enabling a New Leader in the Coachee from the First Session


“So what is your focus for the next week? What brings you to the office? “I asked my new Coachee as we were approaching the end of our first session of coaching. He looked puzzled and was not prepared for this question. He was a high performer, very good at getting things done and was […]

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Champion of Emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman (2013) wrote another fascinating book called the FOCUS : the hidden driver of excellence. It is all about the neurobiology, psychology and personal management of leaders on learning to pay attention in a world that is chronically less able to do this thereby leading to the proliferation of information […]

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Seek and Ye Shall Find


When we opened this up in our coaching conversation, he confessed that the paradigm he was operating under was “An effective manager should figure things out himself – that is what he is paid to do! Admitting failure, asking for help … these are signs of ineffectiveness”. Another example: At an IT delivery organisation, I […]

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The power of presence


It was a 9 hour flight from Heathrow to Mumbai. The departure was pretty eventless and on time. The flight had leveled off to a cruise. Tired from the pre-departure routine, almost everyone on the plane had dozed off and the cabin crew had dimmed the lights. Suddenly an announcement was made through the public […]

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