CFI’s coaching and Leadership development practice is responsible for addressing the leadership development needs of organisations through executive coaching. 

CFI with its experience of having managed close to 500 paid coaching assignments has emerged as one of India’s most respected coach providers. What makes CFI a preferred destination for coaching is the unique combination of the deep competence and Credentials of its community of coaches and the rigour and professional standards of its coaching practice.

1. CFI’s LEAD program is designed to launch young leaders into the journey of leader development through assessment and developmental coaching support and is becoming a popular offering.

2. CFI recently launched business coaching as a practice to address the needs of business owners.


Dr.Anand Kasturi

Director - Coaching and Leader Development Practice

Dr. Anand Kasturi is an award winning consultant trainer in the area of customer centricity and a seasoned Executive Coach.

After a career in Training for over seven years, Anand launched his training practice in the area of Services Management, something he has been pursuing successfully for over 23 years. Anand has been practising as an Executive Coach for over a decade.

Through his training workshops he has impacted diverse organisations across the globe. He blends training and coaching to design and deliver highly effective leadership development programmes.

To support learners and coaches, Anand has designed and launched a very popular 360 solution called 360

As Director and Practice Leader of CFI’s Coaching and Leadership development practice, Anand champions its in-company coaching led leadership programs and also helps enhance the quality of delivery of our coaching services.

Anand is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. He completed his PhD is Services Management from the University of Buckingham.


Fausto Cardoso

Practice Leader - Business coaching practice

Fausto is a seasoned business leader with over 40 years of rich experience spanning services like Telecom & BPO, consumer products and durables.

A Sales Marketing professional by training, Fausto moved into general management to head business units and companies in the last 20 years. Fausto leverages his considerable and varied experiences in a wide range of business situations and environments to develop insights into clients’ opportunities, issues and workplace challenges and offer them to his clients.

Fausto is a senior CFI Coach. As Practice Leader for CFI’s Business Coaching practice, Fausto helps develop and strengthen the practice knowhow and guides its client engagements to deliver value.

Fausto completed his graduation in Chemistry & Physics from Bombay University and his MBA in Business Strategy and Marketing from IIM, Ahmedabad.