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CFI’s Post-Graduate Programme in Executive Coaching (PGPEC) is rated as India’s most respected, rigorous and sought after coaching certification programme by aspiring coaches.

The Post-Graduate Programme in Executive Coaching (PGPEC) is intended to create high calibre executive coaches who can:

  • Coach CEOs and other senior leaders
  • Make a real difference to the coaching profession by upholding the spirit of the CFI Coaching competency model and CFI’s standards of professional excellence and ethics
  • Build a sound and sustainable coaching practice

At the end of this twelve-month programme, participants will gain the confidence to undertake paid coaching engagements, set up their coaching practice and/or integrate coaching into their style of leadership in the roles they play. Needless to say, all CFI Coaches tell us that the programme helps them live a fuller life by growing as a person.

CFI’s PGPEC attracts some of the country’s most distinguished and successful leaders, HR heads, entrepreneurs, practitioners and professionals from different walks of life with a median work experience of 25 years.

Given the experience and expertise of running 25 consecutive batches of this flagship programme over the past 12 years, CFI’s PGPEC truly stands out.


Programme Content

The Post Graduate Programme in Executive Coaching (PGPEC) consists of five elements:


Preparatory Efforts

Participants invest a significant amount of time in preparatory efforts before they arrive for the learning events. This effort includes preparatory reading, exercises to develop skill concepts and completion of select psychometric tools.


Learning Events

There are two learning events of four days duration each, spread across two months. These learning events are experiential in nature and provide participants with self-awareness skills, perspectives and process know-how for their coaching practice. The learning events cover the following:

  • Managing self
  • Living the values
  • Leveraging psychological insights
  • Gaining mastery over a wide range of coaching skills through supervised practice
  • Moving forward from the initial coaching agenda to concrete goals and onto sustainable actions
  • Documentation, CFI’s standard of professional excellence and ethics, supervision and peer guidance


Supervised Coaching Internship

Each participant undertakes two supervised coaching engagements under the supervision of a senior CFI coach spread over an eight-month period. The internship is intended to help participants gain an acceptable level of proficiency in handling a coaching engagement.

The Supervisor Coach acts as an extended CFI resource and helps participants gain mastery over the CFI coaching process and competencies.


Continuous assessment and feedback

CFI’s course directors provide participants with continuous feedback. This feedback helps participants deepen their competencies, make course corrections and develop the confidence to undertake paid coaching engagements.


Certification & Membership

Participants who attend all the learning events, complete their internship and reviews and submit the required documents are invited to participate in a public viva voce. The assessment panel of CFI’s Graduate School of Coaching evaluates the participant’s level of competence and readiness to practice coaching and on that basis certifies them as an Executive Coach.

Graduates of the PGPEC are invited to become members of CFI and avail of a range of professional development and practice development benefits which help them establish their professional practice and stay connected with a community of like-minded professionals.


Who should attend?

CFI welcomes to this programme, heads of organizations, CEOs, CXOs, CHROs, senior functional heads, accomplished professionals and consultants in the coaching and human development fields with demonstrated competence, acknowledged respect and credibility, and most importantly, a serious commitment to making coaching their profession, and a way of life.

Professionals who found coaching as a great value-add are:

  • Leaders wishing to enhance their style of leadership
  • HR professionals who are expected to integrate coaching into their leader development efforts
  • Consultants, advisors, trainers, and business leaders who want to strengthen their practice with coaching
  • Business leaders looking to establish a second career

Interested participants are requested to complete the enrolment form and submit it to CFI. CFI will have a mutual selection discussion with participants to understand their motivation and readiness to participate in the programme. Only on that basis will they be admitted to the programme.


Programme Facilitators

Resource persons are drawn from members of the CFI Board, its senior professional members and other experts in the field. Resource persons facilitate learning events, guide skill application and supervise coaching internships.

M. Hariharan

Ganesh Chella

Dr. B.J. Prashantham


This twelve month Post Graduate Programme in Executive Coaching comes at an investment of Rs. 3,50,000/- (Rupees three lakhs fifty thousand only) plus GST. This fee covers:

  • Two learning events spread over eight days
  • Supervisory support for the coaching internship
  • Continuous assessment and feedback
  • Courseware
  • Access to CFI’s proprietary coaching engagement models, tools, templates and methodologies for coaching practice upon certification

Once admitted to the programme, participants are required to remit the entire fee by DD/cheque in favour of ‘Coaching Foundation India Limited’, payable at Chennai.





Admissions open for Post Graduate Programme in Executive Coaching


Leader as Coach and Mentor Programme

Top management in most organisations is seriously committed to investing time and resources to develop their talented employees. However, the success of these programmes ultimately depends on the ability and willingness of managers and leaders to engage in a developmental relationship with their talented employees. This is where organisations with strong coaching cultures can make a difference.

CFI works with its client organisations to design and implement programmes that help them create and nurture such a coaching culture by ensuring that its leaders have the ability and willingness to :

  • Establish genuine, positive and empathetic relationships with employees.
  • Make the time to engage in powerful conversations.
  • Provide consistent feedback.
  • Conduct empowering business reviews.
  • Have career and developmental conversations with the ones who are making important
    transitions or preparing for future roles.

CFI’s flagship Leader as Coach programme does just that.


Programme Objectives

This certification programme is meant to help organisations create a cadre of coaches and mentors from among their leaders (in typically senior management positions) who are equipped to engage in formal coaching relationships and informal mentoring relationships to support the talent management needs both in their own teams and across the organisation.


Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will be able to:

  • Form an integral part of the internal coaching and mentoring resource pool that can address the needs of employees who have been identified for future positions or who are making transitions
  • Demonstrate coaching orientation in their leadership style with their own teams
  • Support the organization’s effort in creating a coaching culture


Programme Design

The Leader as Coach and Mentor programme is a highly customised offering designed to meet the specific needs of clients. A typical Leader as Coach and Mentor Programme includes the  following elements:

  • A pre-survey to assess the readiness of the organisation to embark on a journey to create an internal coaching culture
  • Preparatory efforts by way of assessment, reading and identification of potential internal coachees as well as the orientation of teams
  • 4 – 6 days of classroom learning to impart key concepts, skills and coaching process
  • Support in the internship process by way of supervision and reviews so leaders are able to apply what they have learnt and sharpen their skills
  • Continuous assessment leading to certification


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Manager as Coach

Managers who are coaching oriented are able to secure performance, enhance team climate and contribute to development.

More and more organisations are recognizing that coaching is a critical managerial competence and every manager needs to learn to be coaching oriented in his or her style.

The Manager as Coach Programme is meant to help managers (in typically middle management positions) incorporate coaching into their managerial style and through that enhance their managerial effectiveness.


Programme Objectives

  • To familiarize managers about the rightful place of coaching orientation in their role and skill set
  • To enhance self-awareness about how their coaching orientation is perceived
  • To provide managers with the skills and process know-how to demonstrate all or some of the twelve managerial and coaching behaviours using the Manager as Coach model


Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme:


Programme Design

The Manager as Coach programme is a highly customised offering designed to meet the specific needs of clients.

A typical Manager as Coach Programme includes the following elements:



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