Post Graduate Programme in Executive Coaching
(Leading to Certification as Executive Coach)

Enrolment Form: 28th Batch (Academic Year 2020-21)

Launch Webinar : 25 June, 2020 Thursday

Learning Event 1 : 5th Aug- 8th Aug, 2020
Learning Event 2 : 23rd Sep - 26th Sep, 2020


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Education Qualifications (Starting from graduation in ascending order)

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Career History (Starting from current position)

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Current Occupation Details (consulting, board positions, teaching & so on)

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Dear Prospective CFI Coach,

In addition to completing the enrolment form, we would like you to complete this brief Coach Readiness questionnaire.

While the CFI PGPEC programme extensively covers the CFI Way, core values, coaching skills and processes, in our experience, we find that participants who fully benefit from the programme and go on to establish successful coaching practices are ones who enter the programme with a threshold level of skills and abilities.They are reasonably self-aware, comfortable in their own skin, relate to people, enable others to find their own answers.

This self-reflective questionnaire is designed to help you understand for yourself your readiness to get value out of this programme. We would therefore encourage you to take some time to answer the question statements on the following parameters and send the same back to us along with the enrolment form.

Please do a self-rating and describe your current ability across the following parameters:

* 1 = Fair ; 2 = Good ; 3 = Very Good

Parameters Self-Rating Description of my self-rating

Ability to accept myself as I am, without undue anxiety about fulfilling the expectations of others

Ability to feel comfortable with who I am, while being authentic, spontaneous and congruent in what I think, how I feel and what I do.

Ability to show others that I am there for them by being willing and able to give them the time / attention they deserve.

Ability and willingness to respectfully enter the world of the other person and seeing the world through their eyes.

Ability to be aware of and understand how others feel and to relate freely and easily with them (even those who are quite different from me).

Ability to respond to others by deliberately suspending judgement
Ability to empower others to find their own answers rather than advice/ prescribe what they should or should not do.