HR Here & Now

When the Quintessential HR person sets out to find some answers…
Why does HR as a function evoke such strong and varied emotions among people?
Given the rapid advancement in the profession, should the term HR be redefined?
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Creating a Helping Organisation


India’s rapid economic growth has led to abundant prosperity for employees. Unfortunately, this growth and prosperity have brought socio-cultural shifts that are posing several psychological problems. Over a period of time, these will become counter productive for organisations that are, today, thriving on the efforts of this workforce.
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Are you ready for the corner office?


This book is a collection of 25 inspiring stories about the unique and personal developmental journey of 25 senior leaders towards the corner office. Seen through the eyes of their Executive Coaches, each of these stories tell us how they found answer to critical questions like am I ready for it, how do I prepare to get there, how do I learn to succeed once I get there and how can I enjoy the journey while I am at it. The term “corner office” is really a metaphor for anything significant that these leaders wanted to achieve in their professional careers and personal lives.
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