CFI’s Graduate School of Coaching delivers all of CFI’s educational and continuing professional development programs. This includes, the PGPEC, our Leader as Coach Program, and our Manager as Barefoot Coach Program as well as our Continuing Professional development Programs. Dr. B. J. Prashantham, the Honorary Dean of School of Coaching, brings wisdom, insights, stature and thought leadership to CFI’s Graduate School of Coaching and strengthen its existing programs and provide impetus to the creation of new ones.

Dr. B. J. Prashantham

Director, Institute of Human Relations,

Counselling & Psychotherapy, CCC Vellore

B. J. Prashantham is a world renowned Psychologist/Professor with over 40 years of experience as a trainer and supervisor of Counsellors and Executive Coaches. Having been educated from undergraduate to Post-doctoral levels in Counselling at Hyderabad, Chicago, Texas Medical Centre, Houston, and Ohio State University, he is committed to training rigour and competency enhancement and has trained over 100 CEOs in Executive Coaching Skills.

He is a Professor of Counselling Psychology & Director at Institute of Human Relations, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Christian Counselling Centre, Vellore.

He is also President, Association for Psychological Counselling (APC) and Clinical Faculty at University Of Washington’s Global Health Department on mental health, disaster mental health and cross-cultural communication.

He is the author of a Best-selling book ‘Indian Case Studies in Therapeutic Counselling’ and many Journal articles. Also his books have been translated into Tamil and Korean.