CFI’s LEAD© (Leadership Effectiveness through Assessment and Feedback, and Development planning) Program


In a world where leader development is a mission critical priority, the approach to such development has to be targeted, result focussed and customised. To this end, all developmental experiences must start with a specific goal, must be anchored strongly within the work context and must keep in mind the individual’s specific strengths and development needs.

It is for this reason that today’s leader development has moved away from being event based to becoming a planful process with the individual actively driving it.

Having worked with hundreds of leaders in their developmental journey and trained hundreds of others to coach and mentor leaders in their journeys, CFI has developed the insight, expertise, tools and processes to help leaders effectively plan and implement their development.


To help organisations support the development needs of their leaders in a structured databased, goal oriented, time bound and measurable fashion.

Program outcomes

At the end of the program participants would have learnt to take charge of their development in a planful way.

Made tangible progress in their development, based on clear assessment data.

For the organisation

LEAD© is an effective to address the development needs of large number of leaders in an accelerated manner.

How the LEAD© program works

CFI’s LEAD© program helps organisations launch a large number of their leaders on to their development journey through the following carefully designed steps:

  1. Designing and administering development oriented assessment tools keeping in mind business needs and leadership imperatives
  2. Helping leaders interpret assessment data and draw valuable insights through powerful coaching conversations
  3. Using such assessment data to draw up actionable development plans in consultation with leaders and their managers
  4. Work with leaders to implement these development plans through a coaching relationship that combines support, encouragement and challenge
  5. Facilitate discussions in talent councils around making the right developmental investments for talented employees.
  6. Offer leaders perspectives on common developmental needs through plenary sessions.

CFI delivers these solutions in a bespoke manner to suit the unique needs of its client organisation.