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Leadership One

Leadership One is our Executive Coaching solution.

CFI defines coaching as a very personal, humanistic, result oriented and a one-to-one developmental relationship, structured through a formal engagement. This is a relationship between a motivated executive seeking guidance and an empathetic coach with skills from a formal coaching education and organisational experience.


Paid coaching assignments
Empanelled coaches


With over 250 plus Certified Coaches and the experience of having managed over 800 + Paid coaching Engagements, CFI has emerged as India’s most sought-after partner for coaching solutions. CFI works with clients who are looking for executive and business coaching support to address some of their business-critical leadership development agendas for their senior-most leaders or their business owners. The enhanced effectiveness of these leaders and business owners can have very significant business gains. CFI’s coaching services include executive coaching and business coaching.

Executive coaching is typically offered to senior executives in organisations to address a range of developmental needs and executive agendas. Spread over a nine-month period, a typical coaching engagement includes assessment, goal setting and implementation support in addition to the coach being available to address the coachee’s emerging executive agendas. Executive coaching is typically used to help leaders perform to potential in their current roles, prepare for future responsibilities and manage critical transitions.

CFI’s proprietary coaching process, deep coaching talent and a strong peer guidance process along with years of experience as a source for engaging coaches makes us the most reliable partner for executive coaching.


How CFI secures coaching success

A standard coaching process to address any coaching need is pass.

CFI is alive to the reality of businesses moving beyond looking at coaching as a means of solving immediate executive problems and beginning to look at coaching as a means of achieving business outcomes. CFI understands that coaching for behavioural needs is quite different from coaching for transition which is quite different from coaching for future-focused development which is quite different from coaching for taking a business forward.

CFI therefore, sees it’s self not merely as a source for a wide and deep pool of coaches but as a coaching success facilitator.

Based on a clear understanding of the business need for exploring coaching, CFI suggests the right process variant, helps find the right coach for the need, guides coachees, sponsors and the talent Managers to ensure the success of the coaching engagement.

CFI’s coaching success facilitators work closely with the stakeholders through the journey to enhance the effectiveness of the engagement. This process is hugely educative for all involved.


The CFI advantage




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Finding a good leader is difficult. You have to look in the right places, find the right person, and then hope they align themselves with the corporate DNA smoothly. That takes a lot of time and money.

That is precisely why it makes sense for an organization to invest in people already working with them. Over the last few years, more companies have adopted this ideology of identifying and grooming leaders from their own ranks. It’s not a business strategy anymore; in today’s corporate world this has become a business necessity.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the success of a business is so tightly intertwined with the competence of its leaders. So it’s no surprise that business leaders at the highest level – including board members and investors – are keen to know how leaders will be groomed, developed and made effective.

Welcome to LEAD

LEAD is our solution to your leadership development needs, and we start with a thorough understanding of your organization’s unique context, DNA, culture and needs. What we bring to the table are consulting insights and actual development support to address all your development needs.

LEAD is built on the combined expertise of totus consulting’s 18 years of experience in talent management, consulting and leadership development and CFI’s 12+ years of executive coaching and leadership development expertise.

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Consulting Support

  • Evolving an overall leadership development roadmap to meet the organization’s needs
  • Identifying and defining a leadership capability network
  • Defining a talent management policy and process
  • Support in talent identification

Development Support

  • Creating individual development plans based on high-quality assessment and feedback
  • Designing and conducting classroom-based learning events that stimulate thinking and build perspectives
  • Providing coaching for development support wherever appropriate
  • Identifying opportunities for workplace application to complete the learning process
  • Facilitating reviews to secure and measure the effectiveness
  • Creating an internal cadre of coaches and mentors to nurture future managers and leaders

Who will benefit from LEAD?

Our leadership development solutions can meet the needs of three categories:

  • Existing seasoned managers who are being developed to excel in their current roles
  • Seasoned managers being groomed for first-time leadership roles
  • Young and emerging leaders being developed to excel in their current roles

We have the ability to run programs that meet a wide range of functional leader development needs, and also design women-only programs.

The LEAD Advantage

LEAD as a solution includes a unique combination of consulting and development support.

The LEAD program will help you:

  • Get a customised solution specific to your organization’s needs
  • Gain access to an enviable pool of seasoned executive coaches who can engage with leaders
  • Gain developmental experiences
  • Experience the comfort of end-to-end management



CFI’s LEAD lends itself to significant customisation keeping in mind varied client contexts. LEAD can be offered to as small a group as three participants and can also be run for a batch of up to 20 participants at a time. While coaching is at the heart of all LEAD programmes, other developmental experiences can be easily integrated into the design to bring about transformational changes.




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Research shows that most women professionals moderate or drop out of the race to the top, by mid-senior management levels. Conflicting personal and professional priorities, coupled with hard-wired organizational beliefs and biases, keep women from achieving their best.

Companies end up poorer for losing out on the valuable perspectives, diversity, competence and skill sets that women bring to the table. To address this gap, organizations need programmes that identify and nurture women leaders, and ensure they stay the course.

SheLeads from CFI is a programme tailored for women at crucial junctures in their careers. It helps women transition into successful corporate leaders by focusing on actualizing their potential through better people engagement and personal growth strategies.



A first-of-its- kind programme in India, SheLeads is a 4 month long transformational journey. Helmed by CFI’s stellar team of women coaches, it enables women to progress into leadership roles, by working on their:


The SheLeads Advantage

  • SheLeads focuses on personal and professional transformation rather than competency building
  • All our coaches are women who have rich corporate experience as CXOs, across industries
  • The programme leverages CFI’s expertise in leadership coaching and in-depth understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader
  • The program includes 4 one-one coaching sessions where each participant has the opportunity to work with a seasoned coach to plan and execute her personal and professional development.


How She Stands To Benefit From Sheleads

The SheLeads programme works on 3 critical areas to help women emerge as strong leaders.

Greater self-awareness

Through an effective blend of inputs including a discovery lab, one-on-one coaching sessions and access to psychometric tools, the programme enables participants to gain greater self-awareness.

Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness

The programme’s Discovery Lab has an exclusive segment on interpersonal orientation, conversational skills, conflict resolution and interpersonal beliefs and biases. This helps participants develop and improve their social awareness skills and effectiveness.

Preparing for the future

The programme explores the environmental context, business response and leadership imperatives in detail, giving participants a clear idea of the context and expectations of senior leadership roles. This equips them to prepare better for future career growth.
Include participant profile


Participant Profile

The SheLeads program will be most beneficial for women who have at least 10-12 years of corporate experience and are in the middle management levels in the organisation, with potential to move further.


LEAD Check

LEAD Check is a leadership health check.

It is a powerful program to help young professionals get a head start in their journey of development as leaders. It will bring together motivated young professionals interested in development; and seasoned CFI coaches together in a temporary trust-based and confidential alliance in a non- threatening environment to think and talk about development keeping the future in mind.

LEAD Check uses a combination of assessment data combined with an appreciative dialogue about the participant’s own dreams and wishes to come up with a powerful development plan that can be acted upon.

The LEAD Check program will be entirely web-based. It will be run over a learning platform (Moodle) for uploading reports, accessing resources, sharing files etc.; and using video conferencing for the coaching sessions.



Why LEÁD Check?

CFI has seen hundreds of leaders who have reached senior positions of leadership; focus so much on results that they neglect their leadership health. As a result, they end up with an accumulation of missed developmental milestones. They may not have had the time and opportunity to learn and change things they should have learnt and changed at the right turn of leadership. For such leaders, developmental support can often come late.

Benefits for participants


Programme content

The LEAD Check format consists of the following:

An Appreciative Discovery Dialogue ADD or Appreciative Discovery Dialogue is a structured 90-120-minute conversation between the participant and a trained CFI coach to engage in a reflective process and through that tell her/his story in a way that is illuminating and action enabling, thereby ensuring that she/he has total ownership for the outcomes.

A 24 VIA online assessment Inspired by positive psychology, scientists discovered a common language of 24 character-strengths which make up what’s best about our personality. Every individual possesses all 24 character-strengths in different degrees, giving each person a unique character profile.
The 24 VIA online assessment helps in identifying the character profile for each individual. Research reveals that people who use their strengths are 18x more likely to be flourishing than those who do not use their strengths.

360° online assessment and report Traditionally feedback is seen as something that only the manager gives his subordinate. In LEAD Check, participants will have the opportunity to receive feedback from a range of sources of their choice including- peers, subordinates, manager, skip-level manager, etc. therefore making it more holistic in nature.
The LEAD Check 360° feedback, has powerful benefits when used in a developmental context. The report will highlight strengths and areas of focus/change separately.


Each participant will have the opportunity to have 3 conversations with an experienced CFI coach including

  • An Appreciative Discovery Dialogue
  • A session to debrief the three assessment reports (ADD, 24 VIA and 360°)
  • A session to assist the participant in crafting her/his Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan is the final take-away for the participant and will form the road map for her or his development.
The IDP will be co-created and will include three critical components:

  • A Purpose Statement that gives the participant a clear long-term direction for development
  • SMART Goals that will be crafter to develop oneself in the current context and work towards the Purpose
  • Action plans to help the participant make the goals a reality


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Business First

Our coaching solution for business owners.

CFI works with business owners who are looking for one-on-one support to take their business to the next level. By assigning coaches who understand the business domain and combining coaching and mentoring approaches, CFI partners with business owners to help them find ways in which they can solve some of their immediate business problems and take their business to the next level of growth.


What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a personalized and one-on-one relationship between an experienced business coach and a business owner. The objective is to guide the business owner to achieve desired outcomes through enhanced functional, business and leadership competencies. In cases involving more than one business owner or leader, a combination of one-on-one and group coaching is sometimes found appropriate.


How CFI’s Business Coaching can help business owners and entrepreneurs?

Business Coaching can happen in a context of accelerating growth, effecting a turnaround or in the quest for higher levels of excellence. Some of the typical agendas that business coaches help address are:

  • Building key leadership competencies like strategic thinking, networking, communication,                                                                                  stakeholder management, championing innovation and so on
  • Addressing issues of business growth and profitability
  • Enhancing specific organisational capabilities
  • Building a performance oriented organisation
  • Creating and reviewing business and strategic plans
  • Broadening perspectives and external connect
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Succession planning
  • Grooming talent


CFI’s Process for Business Coaching

CFI gets to understand the needs of the business owners and on that basis identifies the business coach who most closely fits the requirements. In matching the right business coach, CFI will keep in mind cultural compatibility, industry compatibility and any special expectations.


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