One of the life-giving forces of CFI, the one thing that sets it apart, is its enviable community of Coaches. CFI empanelled Coaches come from a very rich and diverse backgrounds. However they have many things in common – an average corporate experience of at least 25 years, which means that they have all been there and done that, impeccable academic qualifications from some of the best institutions in the world, deep expertise in their functions and domains, rigorous training in CFI’s models and methodologies which helps them bring a high degree of uniformity in their approach and above all a deep interest and commitment to engage in a helping relationship and through that help their clients achieve their potential.

Why Customers Choose Us

Aditya Vikram Somani

“Coaching is the most powerful training tool but, unfortunately, the most under-utilized opportunity in Indian companies. My organizations see a deep benefit in engaging with coaches to address specific leadership development needs. I am grateful to CFI for their strong network and innovative methods to make a positive difference in management teams which helps companies scale up.!”

Aditya Vikram Somani / Chairman / Everest Industries Ltd

Harsha Viji

“CFI has brought an edge to our executive coaching. I especially appreciated CFI’s ability to use a network of coaches to find the right coach for each person; and their ability to ‘project manage; to deliver quality and results over more than a dozen individual coaching engagements. We continue to work with CFI extensively across our whole group of companies, and I would not hesitate to recommend them as a partner.!”

Harsha Viji / Managing Director / Sundaram Mutual

Mr. Ashok Dhingra

“Class room sessions were extremely lively and interactive and a practice session after every presentation was unique and great learning experience. Internship was rigorous and the seniors’ supervision was very reassuring. Excellent programme.”

Mr. Ashok Dhingra/ Executive Coach & Management Consultant/ SABMiller India

Our Clients