As a Coaching institution that took birth in India, CFI has had the opportunity to build its coaching model keeping in mind the unique Indian context. Here are a few things that CFI and its Coaches pay attention to reflect this Indianness.

  • Having managed or supervised over 500 coaching engagements, we are deeply mindful about the unique leader development challenges that Indian executives face. In fact, our book “Are You Ready for the Corner office” outlines these challenges. CFI and its Coaches are therefore able to quickly tune into the needs of their coachees and support them in a contextually appropriate manner.
  • The average Indian executive has seldom the  experience of seeking help from formal sources and is therefore apprehensive about it. He / She is however quite comfortable in seeking help from informal sources like mentors. Keeping this reality in mind, CFI Coaches adopt a Mentor plus model. While the word mentor refers to the warmth, respect and trust in the relationship that they are able to establish, the word plus refers to the additional dimensions of clear boundaries, rigour of training, ethical considerations, ongoing professional development, supervision and so on that CFI has incorporated into the relationship.
  • Finally, our pricing model is designed to focus on outcomes rather than number of sessions. This way, our Coaches are committed to investing the necessary effort to deliver results including time for spontaneous support.



Why customers choose us

Aditya Vikram Somani

“Coaching is the most powerful training tool but, unfortunately, the most under-utilized opportunity in Indian companies. My organizations see a deep benefit in engaging with coaches to address specific leadership development needs. I am grateful to CFI for their strong network and innovative methods to make a positive difference in management teams which helps companies scale up.!”

Aditya Vikram Somani / Chairman / Everest Industries Ltd

Harsha Viji

“CFI has brought an edge to our executive coaching. I especially appreciated CFI’s ability to use a network of coaches to find the right coach for each person; and their ability to ‘project manage; to deliver quality and results over more than a dozen individual coaching engagements. We continue to work with CFI extensively across our whole group of companies, and I would not hesitate to recommend them as a partner.!”

Harsha Viji / Managing Director / Sundaram Mutual

Mr. Ashok Dhingra

“Class room sessions were extremely lively and interactive and a practice session after every presentation was unique and great learning experience. Internship was rigorous and the seniors’ supervision was very reassuring. Excellent programme.”

Mr. Ashok Dhingra/ Executive Coach & Management Consultant/ SABMiller India

Our Clients